The Canton of Ardchreag

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The Canton of Ard Chreag is the Scarborough-Markham-Pickering-Ajax (Ontario, Canada) branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a society of people who recreate aspects of the Middle Ages. Quite frankly, we love the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and what they represent. We take pains to recreate these ages, within the bounds of safety, equality, friendship, and sometimes even good taste. Many of us refer to this pursuit as The Dream. Whether the Middle Ages are a general or a specific interest, or a consuming passion for you, there is a place for you here!

A number of Members of the Canton of Ardchreag at Ealdormere War Practice VI. (2004 AD)

What do people in the SCA do?

The quick answer is: Everything!

The somewhat more involved answer has several parts, any or all of which may interest you.

Among other things:

This is only a simple overview of our activities in the SCA. For more information, contact one of our Officers , or come out to a meeting or an event!

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